Get Started 🥞

  • 1) Create an account here

    You can code right from the console. Open up an endpoint file, and notice that the second your write code, it's instantly deployed.

  • 2) Download our CLI with Homebrew

    $ brew install brevdev/tap/brev

    Don't forget to login

    $ brev login

  • 3) Clone or create a project

    Use the CLI to clone your Brev project.

    $ brev clone --name default

    To make a new Brev project, make a folder on your computer, cd into it, and run

    $ brev init

    That's all it takes to deploy a server :)

  • 4) Run your code

    $ brev endpoint list

    will show you the URLs for your endpoints. You can hit them using postman or in your browser tab.

    Make changes to your code and run this to instantly update the endpoint and hit it:

    $ brev endpoint run --name ex_basic --method GET

Stay in touch! Let us know what you build