Change Log

### v0.7

released Nov 6, 2020

  • New CLI

    You can now go into any directory, and similar to git, run “brev init” to create a Brev project. That's all it takes for a fully equipped, hosted, and ready to use backend! We've reworked the CLI completely to allow for more flexibility-- more to come👀

  • One Click Environments

    Brev is “deployless”, so what you code on Brev is always available. If you want to have a separate protected environment, such as a production environment, you can now do that! From the console, promote any project to get a protected environment.

  • Dedicated Desktop App

    Some things are best done in the web app, such as viewing your database tables or managing/promoting environments. We now have a dedicated desktop app that works on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.


note: this changelog started with version 0.7