Ready to go Imagic instance

In this guide, we'll show you how easy it is to launch and run Imagic on GPUs with Brev. We've pre-configured a Brev instance for Imagic so you won't have to do any config at all!

Imagic is a model which

How does Imagic work?

  1. Sign up for an account

  2. It'll redirect you to an instance creation page pre-configured with the defaults you need. (We recommend sticking to the default GPU - it's the cheapest that'll work with Stable Diffusion).

  3. At the bottom, add a payment method...we give you 30 minutes free but we just need to make sure people don't abuse our systems 🙂

  4. Hit create!

Installing Brev:

Once your instance is created install Brev:

brew install brevdev/homebrew-brev/brev && brev login

Running the model:

Open your new stable-diffusion Brev environment:

brev open stable-diffusion --wait

This will open VSCode inside the Stable Diffusion repo. We've pre-loaded the sd-v1-4 checkpoint in the checkpoints folder. (--wait opens vscode only when the stable diffusion environment is fully loaded this should take about 3 minutes).

To activate your environment run:

conda activate ldm

Now, we're ready-to-go!! In your VSCode terminal, run the command below replacing "Snoop Dogg on Mars" with whichever prompt you want:

python3 scripts/ --prompt "Snoop Dogg on Mars" --plms --ckpt checkpoints/sd-v1-4.ckpt --skip_grid --n_samples 1

And boom! Give the model a couple of minutes to load and you should see what your model generated in the outputs folder.

You can open outputs with:

code outputs/txt2img-samples/samples/00000.png
code outputs/txt2img-samples/samples/00001.png

Here are some of the outputs we got:


If you thought that was easy, check out our other docs. We've been building the easiest way to do develop on the cloud.