Environment How To's

Encrypted Secrets

If you're building with services such as AWS, you'll need a secure place for credentials and configs, such as those in the ~/.aws directory on your computer. Brev has an encrypted secrets manager for these types of variables.

From the CLI

From the CLI, run brev secret and follow the prompts. To avoid interactive mode, pass in all the data via flags. See here: /reference/brev-cli

From the console

Go to your Account page on the Brev console for the encrypted secrets manger

Click on "New Secret" and populate the form accordingly.


You can load environment variables or change the type from "Environment Variables" to "File" for something like the .aws/credentials file (as shown in the picture).

Setting secrets or environment variables for your organization

The example above sets your personal secret for all of your Brev instances. If you wish to set a variable or secret for your entire org, go to your organization's settings from the organization drop down


and use the encrypted secret manager there.