🚢 that💩, y'all

Written by Nader Khalil

🚢 that💩, y’all

(ship that shit)

Today we’re launching an event-based community called 🚢 that💩: 3 monthly events to help your 💩 get 🚢-ed

  1. Technical Office Hours: Run your technical design or ask any technical questions to Brev’s technical team.
  2. Design Office Hours: Stop neglecting your design and come ask a designer for on-the-spot feedback.
  3. Practice your 1-liner with YC founders: Learning how to say what you do concisely by practicing. This “founder speed dating” will pair you with founders, one by one, for just 2 minutes - just long enough for your 1-liners. Get better at saying what you do while finding early users!

All of these events are no-strings-attached. If you are building, we hope they help.

What is Brev, and who is this community for?

Brev deploys your computer, not your code. Code anything on Brev and your database will just work, localhost has a public URL for sharing, clone a repo and have your environment set up immediately! We’re building Brev because there’s so much friction in today’s development process and infrastructure fucking sucks.

With the launch of Brev Workspaces, we want to build a community, but we don’t believe that means “a group of people who use our product”. A community is a group of people who are aligned to our mission, i.e, people who are shipping that shit.

I hope to see you there :) 

Btw we’re live on product hunt, so please check us out!