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Quick Start

Let's create our first Brev instance

1. Create an account

Make an account in the Brev console.

2. Create your first instance

You can create your own instance from scratch or use a template. The console should give you a couple of template options.

For example, click here to create an instance with the Stable Diffusion UI template. Click here for the accompanying guide.

3. Connect to your instance and start coding

Brev wraps ssh to make it easy to hop into your instance, so with the CLI, run one of the following commands in your terminal.

To SSH directly into your dev instance:

brev shell stable-diffusion

or use VS Code to access your instance with:

brev open stable-diffusion

That's it 🎉

Try creating your own instance here and reach out to us in the Discord for help! We're here for anything you need. Build something great. 🤙

Running instance might still be installing your dependencies

If the instace is running, that means the machine itself has been started. However, the instance may still be installing your dependencies and it might take a few minutes for the Jupyter Notebook button become available after the instance has started.