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Brev Debugging

This page has common hurdles or known issues that we're addressing.

Reset Brev

If you're noticing some workspaces to be missing, use the Brev refresh command to try forcing a refresh to the ssh config and ensuring the daemon is started:

brev refresh

500 error when running brev start

If you run brev start and see the following 500 error:

➜  ~ brev start
Name flag omitted, using auto generated name: brevdev/hello-react
Workspace is starting. This can take up to 2 minutes the first time.

[error] /home/runner/work/brev-cli/brev-cli/pkg/cmd/start/start.go:260
	: 500 Internal Server Error

It is likely that you just deleted the workspace and it is still deleting. Please wait 5 seconds and try again.

Workspace version issue

If you've used Brev with older version of the CLI, it's likely that your workspaces need to be upgraded. You might see an error like this:

workspace of version v1.6.8 is not supported with this cli version\n upgrade your workspace or downgrade your cli"

There isn't a command to upgrade the workspaces yet, so in the interim, please delete the workspace and create it again.

brev delete brev-cli
# if someone else in your org has the workspace
brev start

or if someone else in your org has the same workspace, you can brev start by name to create your own workspace. Run brev ls --all to see workspaces already in your org.

# if someone else in your org has the workspace
brev start brev-cli

Global npm install issues

If you try npm installing something globally, it might not work without sudo.

Rerun the command with sudo, ex sudo npm install http-server -g. Reach out to support if you're still having issues:

See all the startup logs

Sometimes weird issues happen when configuring the machine, for example, the project folder is empty because ssh keys weren't configured and the repo couldn't be cloned.

You can view the full startup logs by running sudo cat /var/log/brev-workspace.log inside your workspace.

Run Brev without internet

Do you want to run locally without needing internet? We're launching the V2 in late June and would love for you to try it! Hop in the discord and let us know you're waiting for it!