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The simplest and most cost-effective way to build an AI application. Start fine tuning in 10 minutes. Don't worry about dependencies, CUDA, SSH, or anything else. Up to 94% cheaper GPUs than AWS.

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@brevdev x @BananaDev_ is too OP of a setup 😍
Daniel Whitenack
I had a delightful time setting up a #GPU-based dev environment... When's the last time you said that? πŸ˜€
John Simerlink
@brevdev I just had the best developer experience and customer service I may have had with any product ever. I had spent hours trying to rent GPUs and configuring environments correctly. I stumbled across brev and 10 minutes later had it running and working locally
The auto-stop feature alone has saved me a fortune.
Been using @brevdev for 5 min today and I’m sold! Brev makes it ridiculously easy to spin up spot instances for development (60% cheaper than on-demand), excited to save a lot more on dev costs this month!
@brevdev's offering is very smooth. Don't have to care about underlying GPU/cloud at all.
Brev saved me so much time developing and deploying ML apps, compared to running jobs locally. With Brev, I don’t have to go through clunky AWS or GCP UI’s, spend an hour setting up an instance just to realize that GPU’s are not available in that region.
Really recommend @brevdev for GPU programing. Your own powerful GPU server, but its cheap and so easy to set up. Couldn't do it locally

Radically Better GPUs

It should be easier and cheaper to build anything

Brev is a dev tool that handles everything from deploying to configuring, while optimizing the instance to save you money.

Free from clouds.
A single interface to any cloud provider. Get a consistent experience between AWS, GCP, and Lambda GPU cloud, always optimizing for costs & availability.
Free from hardware.
Out of disk space? Add more without interruptions. Add more RAM or GPU memory when you need it; turn it off and stop paying when you don't. Instances automatically stop to save you money. State always saved.
Free from software.
CUDA just works. Dependencies installed properly. No more python environment issues.

Brev is a tool, not a platform. There's no vendor lock-in.


Getting started

Build faster with a better dev environment. Brev connects to cloud providers to find you a GPU at the best price, configures it, and wraps SSH to connect your code editor to the remote machine. Quick start

Quick Start

Make a Brev account and your first environment.


Reference for higher level concepts, the CLI, instance types, etc.

Infrastructure How Tos

Change your instance, add or remove a GPU, add GB to your hard drive, etc.

Environment How Tos

Set up your environment to make sure your code always runs. Make it easy to share or clone.

Quick start

1. Create an account

Make an account in the Brev console.

2. Create your first environment

You can create your own environment from scratch or use a template. The console should give you a couple of template options.

For example, click here to create an environment with the Stable Diffusion template.

3. Connect to your environment and start coding

Brev wraps ssh to make it easy to hop into your environment, so with the CLI, run one of the following commands in your terminal.

To SSH your terminal into your dev environment:

brev shell stable-diffusion

or SSH VS Code into your dev environment with:

brev open stable-diffusion # ssh with vscode into your dev environment

That's it πŸŽ‰

Try creating your own dev environment here and reach out to us in the Discord for help! We're here for anything you need. Build something great. πŸ€™

Running environments might still be installing your dependencies

If the environment is running, that means the instance is available. If you have a lot of software dependencies, they might still be installing, so just give it a moment. We're currently working on a better way to surface this info.

Getting help

We want to create as many channels for help as possible; if you'd like a new channel, please let us know!

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Reach out to us in the Discord!

Send us a text message

You can chat with us at (415) 237-2247.

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Paid users get a prioritized shared Slack channel with our team!

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Shoot us an email at partners@brev.dev.