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api endpoints

That's it!
Just code.

No more wasting time with

configuring databases. hosting endpoints. managing certificates. containerizing environments. managing dependencies. scaling services. load balancing. dev/prod parity. deploying. securing secrets. unifying logs.

Scales By Default


Brev is ready for prod. Build your entire backend and watch it scale automatically.

Avoid Vendor Lockin


We've been there, so we designed Brev from the start with the ability to eject. All of the backend/inf code is actually getting written and deployed for you behind the scenes.

Code What Matters


Brev is a developer environment letting you code what matters. Focus on your project, not on the noise around it. Build something great!

Join the waitlist!

Brev is currently in private alpha. We're slowly opening up early access to tinkerers and companies looking for a better way.

Real life action shot of using Brev

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