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Creating Launchables on Brev

Quick Start

Let's create our first Brev Launchable!

Launchables are a way to easily share software/code with others. By pre-configuring an environment, you can create a reproducible template that anyone can use to launch your work. If you have an existing Github repo or Colab Notebook, you can easily add it to your Launchable and share it with others.

Brev provides metrics around your Launchable's usage, so you can see how many people are viewing and using it!

1. Create an account

Make an account in the Brev console.

2. Create your first Launchable

Head over to the Launchables tab on the Brev console. Click Create Launchable and begin configuring your first Launchable!

You can customize five different aspects of your Launchable:

  • Compute: specify the GPU(s) needed to power the Launchable task
  • Container: specify an image (or default to Verb to setup Python and CUDA)
  • Files: add a public Colab Notebook or GitHub Repo/Notebook to be pre-loaded
  • Expose Ports: specify a port for a service like ComfyUI. vLLM, etc.
  • Launchable Name: add a fun name to your Launchable!

Once you're done, click Generate Launchable to finish creating.

For inspiration from other Launchable examples

Check out the Discover page on the console!

3. Share your Launchable

You can copy the link to share with others (include in X/Twitter posts, blogs, Discord, etc.) and anyone can use it to launch your Launchable.

By clicking View Launchable, you can see what your Launchable looks like to others.

If you want to see metrics of how your Launchables being used, head back to the Launchables tab and click View All Metrics.

That's it 🎉

Try creating your own Launchable and reach out to us in the Brev Discord if you need help! We're here for anything you need. Share something amazing with the world. 🤙

Coming Soon!

  • Copy markdown code to add a badge to your README or blog post
  • Ability to edit a Launchable after creation