Transparent Pricing

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CPU instances

1st instance of either 2x2, 2x4 and 2x8 is free for 1 month

Instance NamevCPURAMHourlySpot *

GPU instances

Every new Brev user gets 30 minutes of free GPU use

GPU ModelvCPURAMvRAMHourlySpot *
1 x AMD V520--8$0.45$0.14
1 x Nvidia T4--16$0.63$0.20
1 x Nvidia A103020024$0.72-
1 x Nvidia K520--8$0.78$0.24
1 x Nvidia M60--8$0.90$0.30
1 x Nvidia K80--12$1.08$0.38
1 x Nvidia A10G--24$1.21$0.37
1 x Nvidia A1003020040$1.31-
2 x AMD V520--16$2.08$0.63
2 x Nvidia A1006040080$2.64-
2 x Nvidia M60--16$2.74$0.83
2x Nvidia K520--16$3.12-
1 x Nvidia V100--16$3.67$1.11
4 x AMD V520--32$4.16$1.25
4 x Nvidia T4--64$4.69$1.53
4 x Nvidia A100120800160$5.28-
4 x Nvidia M60--32$5.47$1.65
4 x Nvidia A10G--96$8.81$2.05
8 x Nvidia K80--96$8.64$2.60
16 x Nvidia K80--192$17.28$5.19
8 x Nvidia A10G--192$19.55$5.87
8 x Nvidia A1001241800320$10.56-
8 x Nvidia A100--320$39.33$11.80
  • Estimated based on previous Spot prices


$0.0001314 per GB per hour for the lifetime of an environment

No need to always be on a GPU!

Every Brev environment can be scaled on the fly. No need to stick to a GPU instance if you don't need it. Behind the scenes, we do this by shifting your machine's disk over to a different instance type, briefly restarting it.

Scaling an environment

In the brev console, go to your environment settings and under machine settings, you'll see a slider to scale your instance. Or via the CLI run:

brev scale [ Workspace Name or ID... ] --cpu 2x8

(At the moment, this only works for non-SPOT instances. We are working on a fix for SPOT instances so stay tuned 🤙)