Make your computer faster. Same Code editor.

Sick of laggy cursors, waiting on your linter, and 12gb of ram missing? Us too. Brev is your *same* terminal and code editor, supercharged with performance from the cloud.

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Generate artistic logos, QR codes, & messages

Use ControlNet models on the Stable Diffusion UI.

Fine-tune your own LLM

Build your own LLM by fine-tuning Mistral on your own data.

Chat with your PDFs

Use OCR + MistralLite to chat with your PDFs.

@brevdev x @BananaDev_ is too OP of a setup 😍
Daniel Whitenack
I had a delightful time setting up a #GPU-based dev environment... When's the last time you said that? 😀
John Simerlink
@brevdev I just had the best developer experience and customer service I may have had with any product ever. I had spent hours trying to rent GPUs and configuring environments correctly. I stumbled across brev and 10 minutes later had it running and working locally
Been using @brevdev for 5 min today and I’m sold! Brev makes it ridiculously easy to spin up spot instances for development (60% cheaper than on-demand), excited to save a lot more on dev costs this month!
@brevdev's offering is very smooth. Don't have to care about underlying GPU/cloud at all.
Brev saved me so much time developing and deploying ML apps, compared to running jobs locally. With Brev, I don’t have to go through clunky AWS or GCP UI’s, spend an hour setting up an instance just to realize that GPU’s are not available in that region.
Really recommend @brevdev for GPU programing. Your own powerful GPU server, but its cheap and so easy to set up. Couldn't do it locally

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