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Copy personal settings to all of your instances

You probably have specific settings you want to bring to your instances.

Brev supports each developer having their own setup script or dotfiles repo. The repo has a bash script that gets run on every single instance, but Brev will also run your personal bash script on your instances if it exists.

Create a Personal Settings Repo

From the console, go to your profile here.


You'll see a section called Terminal Settings. This has a git repo that Brev clones into every instance and runs the bash script it contains. By default, it'll be .brev/ but you can set a different path.

To setup your personal settings:

  1. Click here to fork the personal settings repository (you can make your forked repo private if you like)

  2. Copy the new url and update the git url

You're done!

Now every instance will clone this repo and run your personal settings.

Make it yours!

Clone your forked repo-- or from any instance, cd into ~/user-dotbrev. Commit and push any changes and your next Brev instance will automatically clone the latest.