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How To

Find my localhost

If you're using the CLI and local tools, see the port-forward command

If you're inside your Brev workspace and are running something on localhost, you can access it using your workspace URL.

Prefix your port to the workspace URL. For ex: is a public URL to localhost:3000

Get your URL from the CLI

Run brev ls to get your workspace's URL

Get your URL from the console

Copy your URL: Screenshot


By default, your public URL will require authentication. You can get the password for each workspace from the home page of the console.

You can get rid of authentication to use with other applications such as callback URLs. You can do this just for yourself or for everyone.

Remove auth for everyone

List any port you wish to remove auth from in .brev/ports.yaml. See here for more: /howto/public-url-localhost

Remove auth just for yourself

You can port-forward any port via the CLI, or use plugins such as VS Code ports section. This will make the port available to you on localhost.


We're launching our V2 in late June which will automatically port forward across all your workspaces. This means you can have two workspaces with different services running and access them on any machine via localhost. We would love for you to try it! Hop in the discord and let us know you're waiting for it!