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Brev Cost Optimizer Tool

Here at Brev, we realised there ought to be a better way to manage and use AWS instances: they are super expensive (especially when you leave them on overnight!) and kinda annoying to use.

We built a tool that automatically manages your instances and saves money by autostopping, cleverly snapshotting volumes, wrapping SSH and allowing you to easily scale between hardware.

Setup instructions

You can do this without a making Brev account :) You have three options :

  1. Install the Brev CLI to connect with your AWS Instances
  2. Install the Brev instance manager directly in each of your AWS Instances
  3. Create a Brev account and use Brev instances that run ontop of AWS :)

We recommend installing the Brev CLI. It's the quickest way to get started.

First, make sure you have your AWS creds stored on your computer. You can do that with this guide.

Then install the Brev CLI on either Mac or Linux:

brew install brevdev/homebrew-brev/brev

Then you can run the optimize command which will apply the Brev cost saving measures to each instance ID you specify

brev optimize [instance_id_1] [instance_id_2] [instance_id_3]

This will stop your instances, install the Brev instance manager onto each of them and then start them up again. And you're ready to go!