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Launches! is a really easy way to create, use, and pause Lambda cloud instances

Nader Khalil

March 02, 20233 min read Supports Lambda Cloud

Since October, users have asked us to support Lambda Cloud. We’ve since talked to many users who want to leverage Brev’s developer environment experience with Lambda’s GPU offering, so we’ve been working on an integration. Core features of Brev, such as pausing & scaling instances, and automatically stopping them when they’re inactive, would make for great workflows on Lambda Cloud, but weren’t initially supported. We spent a good chunk of this year rearchitecting Brev to allow us to build the same Brev experience on Lambda Cloud, which we’re excited to finally release!

How to pause your Lambda Instances

Create an instance on, which will automatically find you the cheapest provider for whichever GPUs you select, which given availability, will likely be on Lambda Cloud. Especially so for Nvidia A10 & A100 GPUs.


When you’re stepping away from your machine and no longer want to pay for the instance, simply pause the instance by running brev stop <environment-name> in your terminal. Brev will back up the volume at the exact state you paused it.


It won't stop right away...Instead, Brev will execute a script that backs up your environment to our backend so that we can safely terminate the Lambda Cloud instance without any worry. And next time you want to start working, run brev start <environment-name> and Brev will automatically fetch your environment and load it onto a newly provisioned instance in Lambda Cloud so you'll be able to resume whatever you were working on.

We've worked hard to make sure that this process is super fast and that each Brev environment is as much like a VM as possible.

Mitesh Agrawal, from Lambda, is thrilled about supporting Lambda GPU cloud in their toolkit: is satisfying a much needed requirement of a deep learning engineer to generate, save and repeatedly spin up a GPU environment. Adding Lambda cloud on adds latest GPU options to the platform and introduce the much loved feature of instance pause to Lambda GPU cloud environment.

New features coming

Brev is continuously improving its experience with Lambda Cloud. Starting and stopping instances has already been implemented, and next up on the roadmap is the release of an autostop feature to prevent users from paying for unused compute. Additionally, scaling to provide flexible compute needs without requiring any setup, moving to CPU instances for lower costs when the GPU is not being utilized, and one-click deploys for ML models are also in development. Brev launch week is scheduled for the week of March 27th, with a major launch planned for each day of the week. Stay tuned for updates! 🤙

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