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Immediate Access To Compute

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Democratizing AI Education

Brev provides in-depth jupyter notebook guides backed by powerful and affordable compute to serve as an educational aid for professors and teachers to explore AI with their students. Through brev, instructors can teach the basics of LLMs and generative AI, to the complexities of fine-tuning and deploying large AI models. Below is an example notebook guide on how to fine-tune the popular Mistral 7B on your own data.Here is an example notebook guide on how to fine-tune the popular Mistral 7B on your own data.

"I'm excited about Brev's potential for Georgia Tech's student entrepreneurs! Their progress is inspiring, and I look forward to its impact on Atlanta's vibrant startup ecosystem."

Chris Klaus
CEO of Fusen World

Immediate Access to Compute


Researchers at Georgia Tech are currently constrained by the compute allocated to their labs and have found immense effort dedicated to access management of the existing compute resources. Brev offers immediate access to powerful compute with an integrated access management solution to unblock researchers today. Flexible and itemized invoicing will provide a solution that will fall under “equipment” similar to how existing compute is currently purchased, with no long term commitments necessary.

AI Resources and Partner


At the heart of many of the future unicorns to come out of the CREATE-X startup launch program is artificial intelligence. Brev will run workshops and serve as an informational resource for these companies to equip the founders with the information necessary to aid in the journey of building groundbreaking technology. Additionally, brev can serve as a utility for those who need additional access to GPUs in courses like I2P and the interdisciplinary CREATE-X Capstone.

"Brev provides us with the computational infrastructure to train large scale models. We couldn't have done it without them!"

Rohit Dilip
Graduate Researcher at California Institute of Technology
Rohit trained a foundational model for cell segmentation on Brev. bioRxiv link here

GPUs for Projects & Papers

GT Students

If you are a Georgia Tech student who has had difficulty accessing compute, either through the PACE cluster, or are currently waiting for access to the recently announced NVIDIA AI-Makerspace. Enjoy your own personal 1-click AI-Makerspace on brev today. Offering a wide range of compute from the GTX 4090 to the incredibly powerful H100 at a price that even students can afford.

“Brev's quick access to GPUs and the developer-friendly setup have been game-changers. Honestly, without Brev, some of the projects I've been able to tackle would have just stayed on the 'someday' list.”

Landen Ledford
Industrial Engineering Student @ GA Tech

Become a Brev Partner

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If you feel as though brev could be of assistance to you or your organization, we would love to partner with you! Please reach out to and we will get you started with brev at absolutely no cost and further deepen our relationship with Georgia Tech to build the future of artificial intelligence.

Getting started

Build faster with a better dev environment. Brev connects to cloud providers to find you a GPU at the best price, configures it, and wraps SSH to connect your code editor to the remote machine. Quick start

Quick Start

Make a Brev account and your first instance.


Reference for higher level concepts, the CLI, instance types, etc.

Infrastructure How Tos

Change your instance, add or remove a GPU, add GB to your hard drive, etc.

Environment How Tos

Set up your environment to make sure your code always runs. Make it easy to share or clone.

Quick start

1. Create an account

Make an account in the Brev console.

2. Create your first instance

You can create your own instance from scratch or use a template. The console should give you a couple of template options.

For example, click here to create an instance with the Stable Diffusion UI template. Click here for the accompanying guide.

3. Connect to your instance and start coding

Brev wraps ssh to make it easy to hop into your instance, so with the CLI, run one of the following commands in your terminal.

To SSH your terminal into your dev instance:

brev shell stable-diffusion

or SSH VS Code into your instance with:

brev open stable-diffusion # ssh with vscode into your instance

That's it 🎉

Try creating your own instance here and reach out to us in the Discord for help! We're here for anything you need. Build something great. 🤙

Running instance might still be installing your dependencies

If the instace is running, that means it is available. If you have a lot of software dependencies, they might still be installing, so just give it a moment; it may take a few minutes for the Notebook button to appear after the instance has started. We're currently working on a better way to surface this info.

Getting help

We want to create as many channels for help as possible; if you'd like a new channel, please let us know!

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