INTRODUCING LAUNCHABLESA powerful way to share your GPU configuration with others.

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Brev is the fastest way to get started working on a GPU. To do this, we have to do two things:

1. Hardware Infrastructure

Brev connects multiple different clouds to guarentee you an instance at the cheapest price without sacrificing quality. We abstract away the clouds, regions, and availability zones shouldn't get in your way. You're not in the AWS or GCP console because your goal is to set up hardware, your goal is through your hardware.

2. Environment Setup

For environment, you might have strong opinions in which case, great. But you probably don't give a shit and just want it to run. We get that. Just commit a .brev/ file to your repo and it'll run automatically. This is simple because you can just put whatever you would run in the terminal in that file and trust that it'll now run automatically. We have some recommendations here, and see here for a full library of scripts we've used.

By the way, you don't have to commit to the repo, you can store the scripts in a separate repo, private or public. You can apply personal terminal settings in a similar way, with a .brev/ in it's own repo.

Hardware + Environment = Template

Share it with whoever or clone it yourself if you bork yours. Congrats! We're no longer constrained by machine problems!

If you're looking for GPU instance type documentation, please click here.