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Brev reference for APIs, instance types, CLI, etc

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Brev creates your powerful computer in the cloud for development. Everything has moved to the cloud except your development, which doesn't make a ton of sense since development has the most to benefit from the cloud:

  • unlimited ram and CPU
  • instant upgrades to the latest hardware
  • no more wasting time with machine configurations
  • get a public url for anything you're working on: APIs, front ends, etc.

Brev is not a streamed computer-- it's a service that configures your powerful cloud instance to run your main development by connecting your local tools to it.

The .brev directory

Brev solves configurations with the .brev directory.

There are two types of configurations:

  1. Personal dev configs, such as Zsh vs Bash, light mode vs dark mode, keybindings, and certain extensions
  2. Repo configs, such as node version, python version, any specific installation/set up/onboarding instructions.

Personal .brev

For the first type of configs, go to your Account and update the Workspace Settings Repo. You'll need a git repo that just contains a .brev/ file. Fork this repo as a good place to start.


Project .brev

Automatically configure your project for any new contributor by commiting a .brev/ to the code repository. Brev will automatically execute the script for every new workspace created. Brev automatically creates the .brev/ if it doesn't exist.

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